Upper Penobscot Maine River Rafting Trip

Upper Penobscot Maine River Rafting Trip Map

This is the perfect afternoon Penobscot rafting trip for adrenaline junkies! If your not into jumping right into Class V rapids, go back to our white water rafting page and pick another trip. The Upper Trip doesn’t meet at our base. Meet us at Abol Bridge Campground and Store in Millinocket, Maine on the world-famous Golden Road. The directions to the Abol Bridge store come in your booking confirmation packet or you can use these directions here (Google Maps). If you still have trouble locating the Abol Bridge Campground and Store, the locals know how to get there. The employees at the store know about the meeting times and can direct you to parking. Once there, the white water rafting shuttle picks you up between 11:30am and 11:45pm, which makes this trip great for a vacation schedule. Once you book your adventure, please fill out our online waiver.

In-Depth Upper Penobscot Rafting Trip Information:

Once we pick you up, the first on the agenda is outfitting you with the gear necessary for the trip. Your guides will  You’ll get a life jacket, helmet and a paddle and can order a wet-suit if you need one (if you get cold easily, please ask for one at the time of your booking. We will need an exact height and weight). Once outfitted  you’ll receive a safety briefing to let you know what to expect on the rafting part of your trip. The lecture covers all the gear and how to use it, the paddling of the raft and what should happen if you fall overboard. Next, enjoy our riverside BBQ. Full riverside BBQ is provided with the rest of our full-day guests. After lunch it’s time to crash through some Class V rapids in the Upper Gorge section of the Penobscot River.

The Final Chute of the Cribworks on the Upper Penobscot Rafting Trip.

The Final Chute of the Cribworks. The Upper Penobscot Rafting Trip.

There are over 8 rapids that we take our time running. The first section is the “Penobscot Gorge” with “The Exterminator”, and the Staircase. Next, comes “The Heaters” and “Crazy Surf” followed by the “Trouble Maker” and “Bailing Eddy”. In the “Bailing Eddy” is where you get prepped for the “Cribworks”. The toughest rapid of the day. This is followed for select crews by fluffy. After “Fluffy” we continue down until the last rapid Big A. Big A is a great rapid with awesome surfing and whitewater fun. Join us for an amazing adventure you’ll talk about for years to come, the Penobscot has the best whitewater rafting in Maine. Once you book your adventure, please fill out our online waiver.


Upper Penobscot River Trip Pricing 2018

Spring5/05/18 - 6/10/18Call for Availability$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69
Early Summer6/10/18 - 7/13/18$69pp / Children 12-16 $69$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69
Summer7/14/18 - 8/31/18$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69
Late Season9/01/18 - 9/30/18Call for Availability$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69$79pp / Ages 12-16 $69
Pricing for the Upper Penobscot River Whitewater rafting trip in Millinocket, Maine. Children under 16 always receive special pricing!


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