These directions are to the Penobscot River Rafting Base. Click here to to the Corporate Office.

Directions from the South:

Take Maine I-95 North to Medway (exit 244), turn left coming off the ramp onto Maine Route-157. If your coming from Greenville or The Forks use the directions at the bottom of this page.

Directions from the North:

Take Maine I-95 South to Medway (exit 244), turn right coming off the exit ramp. If your coming from New Brunswick, Canada, use the Houlton Border Crossing instead of the St.Stephen Border Crossing. The trip is much quicker than coming from St.Stephen.

Once off the Highway:

Once your off the highway and on Route-157, go about 15 miles to Millinocket. Along the way you will drive through the towns of Medway and East Millinocket. You will see several signs that say Baxter State Park, follow these signs through and out of Millinocket. You’ll pass the Katahdin General Store, go under a railroad bridge, and then pass the Saw Mill Bar and Grille on your right, just before you drive out of town. Once out-of-town travel about 8 miles and you will come to the Big Moose Inn on the your right. This is just before The North Wood’s Trading Post, also on your right.

Check-in at the Inn if you are staying with us, or follow the signs around-the-back of the Inn to our base. This is Penobscot Adventures Base Camp, were all ow the trips meet. Meet us there at 7:30am for rafting trips 9:30am for all other trips and activities.

Directions from Greenville, The Forks, ME thought Guilford, ME:

From the central Maine area the best route to Millinocket is not the highway. Here are the travel directions from the three most popular summer vacation spots in Maine:

From The Forks, ME:

Take Route-201 South to Bingham, ME. Turn right onto Route 16 East after the bridge over Austin Stream. Follow this road for 24.7 miles to Abbot, ME, turn right onto Route 15 South. Drive 3.8 miles to Guilford, ME there will be a Mobil gas station on your right. Use the directions from Guilford, ME from here on.

From Greenville, ME:

Take Route-15 South through Abbot. ME 3.8 miles to Guilford, ME, there will be a Mobil gas station on your right. Use the directions from Guilford, ME from here on.

From Guilford, ME:

Follow Route-16 East to Dover-Foxcroft then continue through to Milo. In Milo get on Route-11 North and follow it for 38 miles into Millinocket. You drive through Brownville and Brownville Junction. Get gas before you get out of town. It’s 30 miles between Brownville Junction and Millinocket with nothing in-between. Once in Millinocket turn left to follow Route-11 to Route-157. Once there use the same directions as coming from the highway.

  • Approximate Driving Times to Penobscot Adventures
  • From Portland, ME 3 Hours
  • From Boston, MA 5 Hours
  • From New York, NY 8 Hours
  • St. John NB 3 Hours
  • Moncton, NB 5 Hours


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