Wow, you will be amazed at how much you can learn and grow working for Penobscot Adventures for the summer.It is most likely going to be the best time of your life. I’ve worked for 5 different rafting companies and Penobscot Adventures is by far the most outstanding company I have ever been with. The staff is fantastic. The owners are terrific and overall the company is world class. So here are some reasons why you should quit mediocrity and become a raft guide for Penobscot Adventures.

After a summer of working as a raft guide on the Penobscot you will have a whole new level of experience and confidence. Guiding on the Penobscot river will make you into a leader. Working daily with new paddlers will teach you how to earn respect and attention. Making fast decisions in class V rapids, pulling in swimmers and calming them, training and teaching your paddlers fosters a new level of self-esteem and self-reliance.
You will develop knowledge and skills that most of the world knows nothing about. You will learn how to move a huge raft with 8 people in it down falls, technical rapids, and through huge holes. You’ll be able to use a paddle like it’s another limb with the pry , draw , sweep, and j-stroke. After the season I felt naked not holding it all the time. All the other skills you develop are simply awesome such as using a throw rope, reading white water, high siding, and recovering from a flip. Very cool things to be able to do.
 This is an obvious reason but still none the less important. This is an opportunity to be out of the humdrum indoors into true beauty. The river is gorgeous and baxter state park is all around you. The highest Mountsin in the state of Maine, Kathadin is a draw dropping view and it is seen by almost every bend of the river. There are other mountains as well that are incredible and gorges to go through.. So yes, you are outside all day with astonishing scenery doing a thrilling job that most can only dream of. Why would you let this opportunity slip?
This one is for all you Ebeneezer Scrooges out there who think of nothing but the coins. You will make good money being a raft guide this summer especially if you have a charismatic personality (tips!). Not only are you working for the coins but you are having a better time than you could have on your fantasy vacation!!! IT really doesn’t get better than that. It’s hard to believe you are getting paid for taking an adventurous set of folks down an epic river. This is the best job in the world! So much fun it should be a sin!


In my opinion this is the best reason to become a raft guide. I think deep in the soul of all of us we long for adventure. Every day you will be going down crazy whitewater rapids with a new set of people from all over the world.  The experiences you are going to have in just one summer have enough life packed into them to give grandpa a run for the money. You will be in very interesting situations every day and have loads and loads of stories to tell at the end of every week. A guide here named Sea Bass told me whoever has the most stories at the end wins.. and I think he is right. Action and Adventure will be yours everyday along with a remarkable group of guide friends. Reminds me of a quote that goes like this ” one day your life will flash before your eyes.. make sure it is worth watching.” My friends being a raft guide for PA will definitely make it worth watching.
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