Penobscot Adventures has trips for everyone. From mild to wild we offer a wide range outdoor adventures. We also know how much work it can be to get you group organized. To help as much as possible, ask these questions before planning a trip.

Who are you, what type of group are you?

Since we have multiple whitewater trips, we also have pricing and booking incentives for these trips. We want to host your Maine summer vacation, give Maureen a call at 1-877-356-9386 or click a group link below to access specific information.

What do you want to do?

Bring your friends rafting in Maine.

Bring your friends rafting in Maine.

Talk to your group and our staff to decide which trips and activities are best for you. We have over twenty different activities and several levels of intensity for many of the activities. Please check out our White Water Rafting page and our Riverboarding page for your list of options.

Where do you want to stay?

Decide which of our lodging choices is right for you and how long you plan to stay. A 2-night stay is recommended, we start early and you’ll be tired after the trip. Our Accommodations page has a list of the most popular choices, but we do have several other options available. Call if you don’t see what your looking for, 1-877-356-9386

How many are in my group, when are we going, and how are we going to pay?

These are the hardest steps of planning any get-away for a group.

  1. Get a rough head count of your group, this determines the specials and discounts your entitled to.
  2. Call us for a price per person, one of our staff will guarantee you get the lowest possible price.
  3. Set a payment deadline for you group. If they miss it and still want to go, have them call us and add on.
  4. Collect the full amount from them, (if you only collect the 50% it’s twice the work).
  5. Confirm the booking with us.

How do we get there?

  1. Do not search our mailing address. You’ll arrive two hours drive from our adventure base.
  2. Use Penobscot Adventures, 102 Millinocket Lake Rd., Millinocket, Maine 04462 as our address. We’re on the right. If you can’t find our base ask at the North Woods Trading Post.
  3. Print the directions off our website or photocopy your confirmation.
  4. Drive safely