Sometimes Fredericka’s Restaurant and The Loose Moose Bar and Grille get packed with guests. Or maybe, you ate there one night and want to try something different on another night of your stay. Either way, we get asked a lot about where to eat in Millinocket. Here are the three restaurants that we recommend after 20 years in the area. There are several others that are fine also, but we picked the ones that provide us with the most consistent service and food.

Millinocket Maine Resturants

Appalachian Trail Cafe - millinocket maine restaurantsThe Appalachian Trail Cafe

The Appalachian Trail Cafe is the down home diner of Millinocket and great for home cooked food with awesome proportions. Choose this restaurant if you want large portions, a small town feel, and cool ceiling tiles. This is actually not a local’s restaurant, but caters to people hiking the Appalachian Trail. The ceiling tiles are covered with the names of hikers who have hiked the trail and eaten there. I’m not sure is this is Penobscot Adventures first choice in restaurants Millinocket, but I never wonder what I’m going to get. Good service, good portions, good prices. I will say that this is the best breakfast place in town.

Angelo's Pizzeria MillinocketAngelo’s Pizzeria

The best pizzeria food in town. This is a cool locals place that churns out awesome food. Personally my favorite place to eat in Millinocket, the pizzeria is small and geared towards the localswith cool music themed decorations on the wall. I’m pretty sure business is about the same for this place year round. My personal favorite is the “Chili Cheese Dog Sub” which is a massive hot dog with chili and loads of cheese. This place is the pizzeria in Millinocket if you want good food and style.

saw-mill-bar-and-grillThe Saw Mill Bar and Grille

This is the newest place in town and they seem to have gotten better with time. The first time I went in I didn’t get served at the bar, or talked to , for 15 minutes. I walked out and didn’t go back until my guides took me. They had been raving about the place and they talked me into it. It has been awesome ever since. I can honestly say they served me the best burger I ate last summer. They straightened out the new restaurant jitters. I’ve been three times since the first time and have had great times ever since.