Surfing the Falls

Kegan surfing the Falls with a group of guests.

Spring is here, summer is on it’s way! The weather is slowly getting warmer as our yards are shading from pea green to shamrock green and the trees are budding.  So, fire up the grill for dinner and start to plan what you want to do this summer.

You may be saying “Having kids is tough, planning and going on a vacation with kids is exhausting. We need some thing EASY!” We get that. There is a huge draw to visiting and taking part in all inclusive, stay and play in one place resorts.  Really, who doesn’t love an indoor man-made water park? But, what about an outdoor, natural, river experience?

#1 – Summer is short in New England.

Let’s face it, summer is way too short in New England. Spring and fall add to the outdoor season, but actual summer fun and weather are fleeting in New England. In our opinion there is no better way to spend a 900 day than floating on the river. The Penobscot River and Penobscot Adventures offers whitewater rafting and float adventures for children from 8-80. We have mild and wild trips for anyone who wants to get outdoors and get back to nature.

#2 – People are healthier if they get outside more.

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors makes people healthier and happier. It reduces stress, and time in the sun helps the body synthesize vitamin D. Lack of sunlight and low vitamin D is the main contributor to seasonal affective disorder. As fun as a indoor facility is, it is limited and you are indoors. When people venture outside they are motivated to move freely and explore. That is why hiking is such a positive activity.  Really, the longer one is outdoors the more opportunity they have to establish a beneficial physical and psychological connection to nature.

#3 – Adventuring outdoors is an easy way to get exercise.

Paddling Class III-V whitewater is a no joke workout. Obviously the arms, shoulders, and back receive a vigorous workout when paddling, but the rest of your body gets benefits also. we use our feet to lock us into place and our core has to connect the feet and the upper body. You will burn calories and build muscle paddling during the summer. Every time you dig your paddle into the water you are feeling a great, natural resistance from the river. And at the same time you and your family will be immersed in our highland beauty. You can’t get that kind of a work out indoors!

family summer fun on the lower Penobscot River

Sliding down our natural waterside at Nesowdnehunk Stream.

#4 – Family time rafting and camping are truly unique experiences.

Every outdoor, open, natural space is unique. Explore our natural water-slide at Nesowdnahunk Stream on the Lower Penobscot River Trip. Our daughters love to play here and your children will love it also. Not only does everyone get the awesome adventure of sliding in the water, it is in a wilderness setting, and there is the opportunity for wildlife interaction. Frogs, fish, raccoons, otters, and sometimes moose and eagles can be seen on this adventure. You won’t get that type of excitement at a water park!

#5 – Outdoor adventures are often cheaper.

Here is a great way to cross something off your list. The rapids on the Penobscot river are world class and available all day to raft for under $100 per person. Prices are even cheaper for the youngsters. You can also pick half day and full day trips to fit your schedule. We know what is like to have children and worry about money.  Book and adventure with us an take the apprehension out of your family’s vacation by knowing we will give you a price you can afford.

Really, you owe it to yourself and your family to challenge your level of comfort.  When did we start valuing the Walmart destinations over our natural inclination to explore? Take control of your vacation. You are the master scheduler. Listen to your inner “travel agent” not to some overly confident spoon-fed mega advertised powered franchise operated resort. Unplug from what is easy and connected. This summer, go outside and bring your family.



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  • 10/02/2017 at 2:49 pm

    I loved when you mentioned how finding an outdoor park can help you be healthier and happier. It is important to remember that taking the time to understand this can help you find the best place where you can be healthy and enjoy your time with your family. We are planning on a hike in a few weeks and want to find the best park where we can do it, so I’m glad I found your pst.


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