The Millinocket area boasts the best wilderness experience in Maine. In addition to the great Penobscot River whitewater, we have great half-day and full-day hikes, and multi-day outdoor adventures. The half and full day adventures are listed below with our family’s and our guide’s approval ratings. We often go on the river during our days off, but sometimes our bodies need a break from paddling. The following adventures are amazing at any age, but check our recommended age just to be save.

Half-Day Hiking Adventures

The Stream at Blueberry Ledges.

The Blueberry Ledges

The hike into the Blueberry Ledge starts at the visitors parking lot beside Abol Store on the Golden Road. Grab any last minute supplies you may need then head North on the Appalachian Trail. Your follow the trail to a split that is well marked with a kiosk. Take the right and proceed up to the Blueberry Ledges. Blueberries abound when they are in season and the area looks like the Tetons in California. The ledges are all granite with a large split down the middle. Abol stream runs right down the middle and forms many waterfalls and slides. There are carnivorous pitcher plants on the sides of the stream if you look around a bit.

The Debsconeag Ice cave ladder.

The Debsconeag Ice Cave Ladder.

The Debsconeag Ice Caves