Our staff is our strength, meet the best whitewater rafting guides in the Maine rafting industry.

When guests join us for one of our wonderful whitewater rafting trips, they expect a safe, small, personalized trip. Providing an excellent rafting adventure falls on the shoulders of our amazing professional staff.

Certified by the state of Maine rafting commission, and having held their licenses for at least three years, Penobscot Adventures recognizes their staff as the backbone of the business. They are the key to our great safety rating, and incredible outdoor adventures.

Maureen McDonald

Maureen McDonald

Maureen McDonald, Owner/Operator

Drawn into white water by Dan during college, Maureen worked at several rafting companies. After getting employee of the year for Northern Outdoors, Maureen became a river guide for Magic Falls Rafting then started Penobscot Adventures with Dan. She hasn’t guided since her daughters were born despite the staff’s best efforts.



Daniel McDonald

Daniel McDonald

Daniel McDonald, Owner/Operator

Dan loves to kayak and drive bus. He started Penobscot Adventures with Maureen and Bob Lindblom in tow. Together that ran P.A. for the first year with just the help of rent a guides. After the first year we picked up more staff and things got real. Now Dan teaches in the winter and leaves the daily operations to Tyler and the finest staff of guides in the industry.


Tyler Thayer

Tyler Thayer

Tyler Thayer

Tyler joined the company six years ago when his training class was cancelled by another company. He’s been with us ever since. He brings great ideas and management skills to Penobscot Adventure’s daily operations. He may not be around as much in 2016 because he’s starting his own business called CrateMate, but we’ll get him on the river as much as possible.


Sebastian Jackson


Sea Bass” Sebastian Jackson

Sebastian Jackson trained with Tyler and has been with us full-time ever since. During that time he has also earned 2 Masters degrees and accepted a lecturing job at the University of Maine in Farmington. He’s currently earning a Doctorate at Harvard , but he can’t fool us though, his first love is still rafting. I bet he will be up for all the river time he can get.


Will Burgess

Will Burgess

“Special” Will Burgess

Will has been rafting with us since he was 14! As soon as he turned 18 he trained with us and has worked full-time every summer since then. He’s currently getting ready to graduate from UMass Amherst with a degree in sustainable business models. His specialty is our river boarding trips and he was the best reviewed rafting guide in 2013 and 2015.


ButterfieldDan “Butterfield” Bernard

“Butterfield” got his nickname from my favorite ice cream shop in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. He rafted with us a few times and decided to give training a try. An engineer by trade he has a touch for trailers, equipment, and whitewater.


little-joe“Little Joe” Balzanelli

“Little” Joe trained with us last year. A whitewater kayaker and photographer he’s a great addition to the team. He’s addicted to the whitewater and will never be able to leave the river life. “Little” Joe is a sail boat Captain when he’s not on the river or working his real job as a sail maker.


Brian BlencoeBrian Blancoe

Brian is an electrical engineering student, Kung Fu instructor, and excellent raft guide. He has a wealth of life knowledge and a great touch with equipment. His stories keep the staff laughing, and his skill on the river is excellent. He’s one of our most trusted employees, always there for us when we need him to hit the river.


“Tiny Joe” Seefried


Ben “The JabberWocky” Koehler


Ben Willis