Dan dropping The Final Chute in the Cribworks rapid. Styling Class V Maine rafting.

Dan dropping The Final Chute in the Cribworks rapid. Styling Class V Maine rafting.

A Maine rafting trip on the Penobscot River provides any group with tons of thrills and fun. If it is your first trip or you just don’t want to forget something even though you’ve been a bunch of times, check out our list of 6 essential thinks to bring the day of your whitewater rafting trip. At Penobscot Adventures Whitewater Rafting we want you to be prepared for your full-day Maine rafting trip. We really want you to have a great time especially if it’s your first time whitewater rafting with us. Throw all of this stuff in a small backpack and bring it in our shuttle vehicle for the day.

  1. Bring a towel.

    Guides are used to being wet all day, and we wear the proper gear to do it comfortably. Guest really love it when they bring a towel on the trip. It’s great to have at lunch and during the rides in the shuttle.’ I wish I had a towel” is definitely  the quote we hear the most from people on our day trips.

  2. Wear snug fitting water appropriate shoes.

    Sandals, Keens, and Vibrams are great on the river, but if you don’t have a pair these don’t worry. A pair of old running sneakers may make the best river shoes. Ideally you want something that will stay on your feet all day and protect your toes. Toe injuries are fairly common in guides that wear open toe sandals on the river. Just dig in the closet before you visit us and grab and old pair of running shoes (make sure they still have some tread). If you do want to buy a cheap pair of somethings to wear on the river get a pair of cheap lace up shoes. Slip on water shoes do not stay on your feet in the river.

  3. Sun screen and sun glasses.

    Many people bring these things and I highly recommend you do also. Many people also forget to apply it to one of the most important places while rafting. The top of the knees and your thighs. People always remember the face, shoulders, and neck, but your going to be sitting in the sun all day and the tops of your legs can get roasted.

  4. Bug repellent.

    For Mainers, bug season is late May and early June. For people from out of state, it’s late May to October. People often ask me when bug season ends when it already has. Bring some bug repellent and use it. Bugs may be fine during one portion of the trip and horrible other times. Bullfrog Sunscreen is what you really need for the day.

  5. A rain coat and warm base layer shirt.

    A rain coat and a base layer is an essential piece to add to your gear bag. Abase layer is a non-cotton shirt to wear under your rain coat. Cotton doesn’t keep you warm when it gets wet. Choose a fabric like poly-pro or a nylon based fabric. Under Armour makes excellent clothing to use as a base layer.

  6. Don’t forget a change of clothes.

    This one we don’t get too often, but when it does happen it can be a real bummer. People will rent a cabin in an area other than The Big Moose Inn and wear just a bathing suit to the trip. Please bring a change of clothes, more than likely you’ll want to stay and watch the picture and video show of your day on the water.

That’s a list of the basic things that are missed when people get ready to take a rafting trip with Penobscot Adventures.  Hope to see you on the water soon. Don’t forget your bag for the shuttle.

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