penobscot river rafting in maineThe Branches of the Penobscot River hold some of the finest white water in America. There are extreme sections for the die-hard whitewater enthusiast, gentle spots for the family that wants to experience the outdoors and a taste of white water.

The Penobscot has several different branches and a trip for everyone. Broken up into half-day, and full-day adventure trips, we offer trips for everyone. Please browse below and call if you have any questions. 1-877-356-9386

 Half-day Maine Penobscot White Water Rafting

The Penobscot River has several excellent Maine rafting trips. Maine’s famous “Golden Road” follows along the river and allows us run several half-day adventures that aren’t available on any of Maine’s other whitewater  rivers.

You can pick between rafting wild white water on the Upper River Wild Adventure Trip or mild rafting on the Lower River Mild Adventure Trip.

the-fallsThe Lower River Mild Adventure Trip

A great half day trip for family and youth groups, this white water rafting in Maine trip is quality fun! It tackles Class 2-4 rapids on the lower section of the Penobscot River. You check in at our base at 8:00am. After signing in our staff will outfit you with all the necessary gear, give you a trip talk covering equipment, paddling, and safety. Next we’ll move you vehicle to our lunch site and load you on our bus. Lock your keys in our lock box on the bus, and were off to the river.

During the trip we visit a natural water slide at Nesowdnehunk Stream and float right along the base of Mt. Katahdin. Your family and friends can enjoy a great mixture of excitement and fun with out the stress of intense  rapids. Enjoy!

- $79 per person

- Minimum age 8

false-exterminatorThe Upper River Wild Adventure Trip

This Maine rafting trip is perfect for thrill seekers on a deadline, make the most of your vacation time by skipping the float sections of the river. This trip tackles the Class 3-5 rapids of the Penobscot River gorge. The trip lasts from about 1:00pm to 4:00pm and provides all the excitement you need.

Guests meet the shuttle vehicle at the Abol Bridge Store in Millinocket, Maine. We provide lunch for you before the trip or you can eat at the Abol restaurant before we pick you up. After we pick you up your guide will outfit you in the necessary gear and give you a trip safety procedure lecture. The lecture covers all the equipment, paddling, swimming, and rescue techniques that you will need for your trip. Please know that this is a high adventure rafting trip.

- $79 per person

- Minimum age 14

 All-day Maine Penobscot River Rafting

The Penobscot River has plenty of white water for full day trips also, pick our Full Trip to have a morning warming up your whitewater skills before the Class V’s or tackle Class V all day with The Ultimate Trip.

 marker-waveThe Full River Wild Adventure Trip

The West Branch of the Penobscot River features some of the best Maine white water rafting. Fun, exciting, and beautiful, this whitewater rafting trip offers something for everyone in your group.

Load on the bus for a short drive to the start of your adventure. We stop at a natural water slide and raft four rapids before lunch. The Class V Gorge and Cribworks section are the challenge after lunch followed by the white water play rapid Big A before the end of our trip. Once done with the trip we return to base, collect the gear from the day, and prepare a picture and video show. Fun, exciting, beautiful, this whitewater rafting trip offers something for everyone in your group. Awesome!

- Pricing ranges from $64-$109 per person

- Minimum age 14

CribworksThe Ultimate Wild Adventure Trip

Maximum excitement for the white water rafting enthusiast, this trip includes two runs down the gorge section of the West Branch through Exterminator, and the Cribworks. Maine Rafting doesn’t get any more exciting than this!

Our guides will assess their crews and give a rafting experience not available with the larger rafting companies in Maine. What does that mean? The river is wide and there are many runs through it. Just the Exterminator section of the Gorge has four different runs through it in a raft. Penobscot River Rafting at it’s best.

- Add $20 to the above price

- Minimum age 14